Frequently Asked Questions

Q: [I want to start a business in medicinal products or medical devices]
A: [Talk to us first, depending on your specific need, we can customised a solution for you]

Q: [What is Cubicpharma's core business]
A: [We offer a wide range of services but we focus on Quality Assurance (QA) services and Regulatory Affairs (RA) services]

Q: [What is Quality Assurance services]
A: [We guide you in providing the assurance to your customers that your products or services meet their requirements, help your company to get GMP, GDP, GDPMDS, ISO13485, etc approvals and certificates]

Q: [What is QA, GMP,  QC]
A: [Quality Control is generally refers to product checking or testing during manufacturing of a product. GMP is good manufacturing practices applied in manufacturing including quality control. QA is a generally refers to activities which provide confidence to others of a product that the product is fit for purpose which may include GMP and QC. We offer services in helping manufacturers and distributors in setting up and maintaining Quality Management System meeting any International or country specific or standard specific requirements. Our consultants have successfully helped many manufacturers meeting the quality requirements of their customers and their regulators.]

Q: [What is Regulatory Affairs (RA)]
A: [Regulatory Affairs is a broad subject, we offer services in helping your company in managing conformity to regulatory requirements; from product registration in pre-market to handling issues post-market like dealing with complaints, recalls, adverse events and act as your in-house RA department.]



Frequently Asked Questions